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Health Insurance
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Health insurance is an agreement that individuals make with an insurance company to cover their health expenses. This type of insurance can cover health services, treatments, medicines and other health costs. Health insurance operates on a predetermined premium payment schedule depending on the health status of the individual.

Health insurance policies may usually include the following elements:

Fixed fees paid in a given period. It is usually paid monthly or annually.
Self-Employment Share (Self-Participation Share):
An amount paid by the insured when using health services. This can be a percentage or a fixed amount specified in the policy.
A list of which types of health services are covered. For example, doctor’s visits, emergency services, medicines, surgical interventions.
Payment Limits:
Limits on how much an insurance policy can pay out. This can be determined on an annual basis.
Liability of the Insured:
Rules that specify how much the insured will pay and in which cases.

Health insurance provides financial protection against unexpected health expenses and can facilitate access to appropriate health services. Every health insurance policy can be different, so it is important for individuals to choose a plan that suits their needs. It is also important to choose an appropriate policy, taking into account a person’s health status and healthcare demands.

Individual Insurance

Individual health insurance, also known as private health insurance, is a health insurance specifically designed for individuals to cover the costs of accidents and illnesses. With this policy, you can cover your inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses.

Bireysel sağlık sigortası poliçeleri genellikle kişisel sağlık ihtiyaçlarına ve bütçeye göre özelleştirilebilir. Individual health insurance policies can often be customized according to personal health needs and budget. This type of insurance provides protection for emergencies, unexpected health problems or planned medical services. The scope of the policy, premium costs and other details may vary from company to company.

Individual health insurance can help people gain access to a wider network of health services and keep their health expenditures under control. However, it is important to look carefully at the details of the policy and choose a plan that suits their needs.

Merak Ettikleriniz

Private health insurance is a type of insurance designed to offer additional protection and services, usually beyond state health services, in cases of illness, accidents, and other health issues. It provides policyholders with faster and more comprehensive access to health services in private healthcare institutions.

It is suitable for individuals of all ages and health conditions. Particularly, it is ideal for those who frequently need healthcare services, want to benefit from private healthcare services, and wish to overcome the limitations in state health services.

This insurance typically covers doctor consultations, hospital expenses, surgical procedures, laboratory tests, medication costs, and sometimes even alternative treatment methods. The coverage can vary according to the policy details.
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