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Workplace Insurance
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Workplace Insurance

Fire insurance covers all types of buildings and their contents used for private or commercial purposes against physical damage caused by spontaneous fire, lightning, explosion and hazards such as steam, heat and smoke arising from them. In general, its scope consists of the following items

Strikes, lockouts, riots, public disturbances, malicious acts, terrorism
Earthquake and volcanic eruption
Snow weight
Flood or inundation
Built-in water
Impact by land and air vehicles
Watercraft Collision
Rent loss
Debris removal costs
Neighborhood Financial Liability
Tenant Financial Liability

The most important issue in this branch is to determine the building value correctly. The term “Building Insurance Value” used in fire insurance should reflect the cost of complete reconstruction of the insured asset. This cost does not include the land value and the value of the building according to its location. These costs are approximate, depending on the type of building and the quality of the construction material used.

The insured; the legal liability of the tenant against the owner, neighbors and the owner against neighbors, tenants and third parties arising from the occurrence of fire, explosion, internal water, smoke, strike, lockout, public movements, malicious acts, terrorism risks within the scope of Article A3/8 of the General Conditions of Fire Insurance is included in the coverage with the limits specified in the policy.

Property damage caused by fire and other risks in a business is covered by a fire policy. However, loss of profit insurance covers the losses (decrease in turnover, increase in costs, etc.) arising from the cessation of business due to the realization of this damage. In the application of this insurance, commercial activity is understood as any activity carried out for the purpose of earning profit; loss of profit is understood as the loss of gross profit arising from the decrease in turnover and the increase in operating costs to prevent this decrease, provided that it remains within the indemnity period as a result of the cessation or disruption of commercial activity.

It is an insurance coverage that covers material losses and damages caused by theft or attempted theft of goods, articles and fixtures in houses, workplaces, commercial premises, warehouses, storages or workshops by breaking, drilling, demolishing, tilting and forcing, overcoming, climbing, unlocking, sneaking or hiding, using force and violence, threats. The insurable assets belonging to the insured and his/her permanent residents and employees and the damages caused by entering or opening the place during the act of theft are also covered by the insurance coverage.

This insurance covers physical damage (fire or theft) to cash and similar valuable documents in the safe at the workplace. In the event of a claim involving checks, only reissue costs will be payable as the checks are canceled. However, if the stolen check is collected without being canceled, it will be treated as cash and will provide payment up to the policy limits.

These policies provide compensation in the form of a lump sum of money or a monthly or quarterly income for a maximum specified period of time in the event of death, temporary or permanent loss of ability to work due to an accident defined within the scope of the policy. These policies also provide coverage for treatment expenses incurred by the insured as a result of the accident. It is valid all over the world within the coverage limit written on the policy. The following situations are not considered accidents:
● All kinds of diseases
● Effects such as frostbite, sunstroke and congestion, unless caused by an accident
● Damages caused by overt intoxication, use of narcotic substances not necessitated by an accident covered by the insurance, taking drugs and harmful substances
● Bodily damages resulting from surgical intervention not necessitated by an accident covered by the insurance

With this policy, money and negotiable instruments carried by the insured’s employees between the insured’s vehicles and banks, companies and customers are covered. The main outlines of the guarantee are listed below:
● Extortion and theft by third parties by threatening with a weapon or by assault or force,
● Losses and theft as a result of accident or burning of the vehicle during transportation by any vehicle, losses due to force majeure during transportation,
● Theft, looting and destruction by taking advantage of strikes, lockouts, riots and public movements and the military and security actions required by them,
● Theft, looting and destruction by taking advantage of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, fires, explosions and invasions.

It covers the damages incurred by the insured as a result of theft, embezzlement, fraud and fraudulent misappropriation or misappropriation of the insured’s money and negotiable instruments or monetizable property by the person or individuals employed by the insured, whose name and surname are written in the policy, without prejudice to the exemption provision, provided that the amount written in the policy does not exceed the amount written in the policy. In case of breach of confidence claims, the coverage will become effective within 12 months following the detection of the incident or, if the person who caused the breach of confidence has left his/her job, within 12 months at the latest following the policy expiry date.

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