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Complementary Health Insurance
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Health Insurance

Complementary health insurance covers additional charges from insured individuals for health services received within the scope of general health insurance at private health institutions contracted with the Social Security Institution (SGK), in contracted branches, and by contracted doctors.

Complementary health insurance covers examination, analysis, and treatment expenses for diseases that occur after the start date of the insurance, within the scope and limits of the coverage specified in the policy, the Social Security Institution (SGK) reimbursement rules, and Special Conditions. You can secure your health with a policy that covers the difference fees you need to pay when using your SGK insurance at private hospitals.

In short, complementary health insurance is designed to cover the deficiencies of the main policy and provide the insured with broader protection. These types of insurance policies can offer additional coverages in areas such as hospital expenses, medication costs, examination fees, private health services, and similar areas. Complementary health insurance can cover different services depending on the terms of the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

To benefit from Complementary Health Insurance, one must be registered with the Social Security Institution (SGK) and have no outstanding SGK premium debts. The age range for this insurance is from 0 to 55 years. Children from 30-day-old infants to 7 years can be included under one parent’s insurance policy. Family discounts can make policies more affordable. The insurance can be purchased with either inpatient or both inpatient and outpatient coverage. A Renewal Guarantee may be provided depending on the claim and premium ratio, if insured continuously for three years.

Complementary Health Insurance covers surgeries, tests, examinations, minor surgical interventions, and outpatient treatment services resulting from accidents and illnesses. There are specific coverages for inpatient treatment services. If the insured has a specific illness, this condition is excluded from insurance coverage. People without active SGK insurance are also excluded. Surgeries and conditions requiring inpatient treatment can be covered if included in the policy scope. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also covered by insurance.

Prosthetic Limbs: Complementary Health Insurance may cover the costs of prosthetic limbs within specified limits, subject to a doctor’s report and insurance company approval.
Circumcision: Circumcision procedures are usually excluded from coverage.
Psychological Support: Psychological support services are outside the coverage.
Dietitian: Dietitian services are generally excluded from coverage.
Check-ups: Some policies may include check-up services as additional coverage.
Childbirth: Childbirth is generally excluded from coverage.
Babies: Complementary Health Insurance can be made for babies from 30 days old.
IVF: In vitro fertilization procedures are outside the coverage.
Over 65: Generally, new policies are not made for individuals over 65 years of age.
Inquiry: Policies can be inquired through e-Government or insurance companies.

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