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Value Adders Platform

To preserve what we have today for the future, we need to find the right way to protect it. In this context, investment in insurance is indispensable for the sustainability of the world, companies and humanity, but it is also essential for the insurance sector to respond to changing needs.

A Step to Shape the Future of the Industry
The “Value Adders Platform”, which we have created to identify the different insurance needs brought about by the new world order and the most accurate solutions to these needs, aims to play a major role in the transformation of the sector’s trends by identifying the changes, new demands and expectations of consumers.

How do we do this at Monopoli Insurance?
Through a series of communication events where we came together with all the stakeholders of the insurance industry; by discussing the new world order, looking for ways to adapt to it together, sharing our experiences and learning from each other… The activities of the “Adding Value with Monopoli Platform” are realized with meetings planned throughout the year. We know that those who add value will build the future of the sector. For this very reason, we firmly believe that the “Value Adders Platform” will create great added value for all our participants.

At the Time of Damage

At the time of damage
0 212 347 70 65 – 112
to be connected directly with our claims specialist.

Get support from our claims specialist in matters such as emergency assistance, towing and loss adjuster.

Share photos of the scene and have your damage file opened. Download the accident report.

Our claim specialists will ensure that all processes are followed and your file is finalised as soon as possible.

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