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Commodity Transportation Insurance
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Commodity Insurance

Transportation Insurance provides coverage for all kinds of cargo being transported from
one place to another by land, sea, air and railroad against damages arising from hazards
that may be encountered during transportation, within the limits
set by the General and Special Terms and Conditions.
Methods of Arrangement of Commodity Transportation Insurance

Floating Policy
When providing Floating Policy service, the insurer issues a contract that specifies the type of cargo to be transported within a certain period of time, the type and limit of coverage, and the applicable conditions. Within this contract, the scope of the voyage-based Transportation Insurance Policy is determined.
Floating policies offer customers a specific advantage or discount, creating a sustainable bond with the customer and ensuring continuous communication. For such policies, a regular payment is made to the insurance agent or insurance company. The details of floating policies, commitment period, cost, benefits and conditions may vary depending on the type of contract and provider.

Block Floating Policy
While similar to a floating policy, Block Floating Policy is a type of policy issued annually. Based on the annual transportation turnover reported to the insurer, the total premium is calculated for all transportation within a year. In this way, the transportation is covered without any obligation to notify.
A block floating policy offers a comprehensive insurance solution for construction projects, covering a range of risks. Every construction project is different, so the block floating policy can be tailored to suit the specific requirements and risks of the project. The construction owner or contractor should carefully examine and cooperate with the insurance company when choosing the most suitable policy for their project.

Compulsory Carrier Financial Liability Insurance
Compulsory Carrier Financial Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that is legally mandatory for businesses engaged in commercial transportation in Turkey. This insurance aims to cover the financial liabilities of transportation companies arising from accidents that may occur during transportation. In Turkey, it has become mandatory under a law that imposes obligations on businesses engaged in transportation by commercial vehicles. Uninsured transportation is illegal and can result in serious penalties. Furthermore, this insurance aims to protect the rights of other road users.

Compulsory Carrier Financial Liability Insurance comes into play in cases where businesses transport cargo with their own vehicles or rented vehicles. The insurance company covers property damage, injury or death as a result of an accident. This type of insurance prevents financial damage to the business in the event of an accident related to transportation and ensures compensation payments.

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