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Engineering Insurance
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Engineering Insurance

Electronic Device Policy is a type of insurance that protects electronic equipment, computers, communication devices, medical devices, industrial automation equipment and similar electronic devices against various risks. This policy aims to compensate for financial losses related to the breakdown, damage or theft of such devices.Electronic devices play an important role in today’s business and personal lives. These devices are critical for business continuity, data protection and communication. The Electronic Device Policy protects the functionality of these devices and protects against damage caused by unexpected events. Here are the important issues covered by the Electronic Device Policy:

Omission, fault, error, recklessness or sabotage of third parties or operating personnel.
Theft or attempted theft in the premises where the insured assets are located,
Faulty model, manufacture or workmanship
From the effects of short circuit, high voltage or induction current,
Scorching, blackening, smoke and smoke,
Natural disasters such as storms, floods, landslides, landslides, land subsidence, except earthquakes,
The effects of water and dampness and the resulting corrosion damage,
Fire, lightning, all kinds of explosions and damages caused by fire extinguishing, demolition and drying operations are covered.


Earthquake, volcano eruption
GLHHKNH and terror
Portable devices are covered.


On machines used in production during normal operation and during cleaning, overhaul or replacement or at standstill in the same workplace, it pays repair and replacing expenses in damages arising from;

Operational accidents
Faulty model, manufacture or workmanship
Greasing errors
Direct effects of electric energy
Entry of foreign materials and blockage
Fragmentation due to centrifuge
Water deficiency in steam boiler and steam containers
Water daubling, sudden heating and cooling
Crush, lacerations due to low pressure in closed containers
Thunder, hurricane, frost or thawing
Omission, fault, error, recklessness or sabotage of third parties or operating personnel.

Loss of Profit

Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profit Insurance provides coverage for the financial losses (gross profit) arising from the physical damage to the machinery belonging to the insured and covered by the machinery breakdown policy within the scope of the policy coverage, as well as the costs of mitigating the physical damages arising after the damage, in accordance with the policy terms.
Contractor errors
Natural disasters
GLHHKNH and terrorism
Maintenance cycle
Existing buildings and facilities
Construction site equipment, materials
Third party liability
Debris removal
Express transportation expenses
CPM (special for machines used in construction, machine breakage valid for the duration of the project)
Faulty design (project implementation errors)
Off-site storage
Profit Loss

CAR – Construction

EEAR – Installation

During construction or installation, the insured is covered against the following risks;

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