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What is Traffic Insurance?

Traffic insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides protection against the financial consequences of accidents that may occur while motor vehicles are on the road. Each country’s traffic insurance practices are different, but in general the basic operation is the same. Traffic insurance is compulsory in Turkey. Traffic insurance is of great importance for every person who drives.

A Legal Requirement
Traffic insurance is a legal requirement in many countries. Motor vehicle owners must obtain this insurance before putting their vehicles on the road. This requirement is implemented to ensure the safety of other drivers and road users.

Financial Damages from Traffic Accidents
Traffic accidents are always unpredictable. In an accident, damage to the other party or other property, injuries, or even fatalities can occur. Traffic insurance mitigates such material damages and provides financial assistance to the parties involved.

Provides Legal Protection
Traffic insurance protects drivers from legal issues. Legal proceedings and compensation claims arising from accidents are managed by the insurance company, and the compensation paid eases these legal processes.

How Traffic Insurance Works

Premium Payments

Traffic insurance premiums may vary depending on the policy type, the vehicle’s value, the driver’s experience, and a number of other factors. Policyholders typically make monthly or annual premium payments.

Damage Assessment

When damage occurs as a result of an accident, the insurance company or its agent assesses the amount and type of damage. The assessment determines the compensation amount.

Compensation Payments

If others are injured or your vehicle is damaged in an accident, the insurance company pays compensation. This compensation is used to cover the losses of those affected.

Legal Support After Damage

The insurance company can also manage legal proceedings between the parties involved. It supports the resolution of legal issues and compensation lawsuits after an accident.

In short, Car Traffic Insurance is an important financial safeguard that ensures the safety of motor vehicle owners and other road users. As a legal requirement, traffic insurance provides a wide range of protection for vehicle owners with its various types and operations. It should be noted that driving without traffic insurance can lead to serious legal consequences and increase financial risks.
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