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Liability Insurance
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Liability Insurance

This covers compensation claims that can be demanded by workers bound to an employer by a service contract and registered with the Social Insurance Institution, and their beneficiaries, beyond and above the aids provided by the Social Insurance Institution. It includes compensations and court costs, and attorney fees arising from recourse lawsuits filed by the Social Insurance Institution. It also covers accidents occurring during the transportation of workers by employer-provided service vehicles, accidents occurring at times when the employee is sent to another location on duty and is not performing their main job, accidents occurring outside the country’s borders, and moral compensation claims.

Third-Party Liability

This insurance type covers the insured’s liabilities related to compensation claims directed at them for any physical and material damages they or their employees may cause to third parties. It includes compensation claims arising from death, injury, or disability of third parties, and material damage and loss to the properties of third parties. Claims for damage and loss intentionally or knowingly caused, and claims for damage and loss caused by persons bound by a service contract to the insured and their family members are excluded from coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any business owner, professional service providers, manufacturers, contractors, and generally any individual or organization that could potentially harm third parties may need it.

Prices are determined based on factors such as risk level, insurance coverage, type of activity, and past insurance claims. Each policy is priced based on individual risk assessments.

Liability insurance generally does not cover intentional actions, contractual obligations, punitive damages, and certain specific situations. These exclusions can vary depending on policy terms.

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