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Monopoli Business Partnership System

Monopoli Insurance has embarked on a confident journey to make a significant difference in the field of risk management consultancy… What makes the road meaningful is our happy customers and the business partners we walk together on this road. With 20 years of experience, we continue to offer our business partners the best working conditions by focusing on people.

An innovative system that adds value to the partnership: “Monopoli Business Partnership”

The “Monopoli Business Partnership” system, in which we share all our experience and expertise with our companions who want to grow with us on this path, provides a great added value to the development of the insurance sector by providing a ready, prestigious and capital-free earning opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business with merger / acquisition options or for our colleagues who want to grow their portfolio. Join the big and strong Monopoli family, let’s create useful projects together for our industry and let’s win together.

What Benefits Does Business Partnership Bring?

Thanks to the cross-selling opportunity, it contributes to the development of your portfolio and increases your competitiveness.

All service production and marketing sales-distribution costs are covered by Monopoli.

The entire operation is managed by Monopoli’s team of risk management and insurance experts.

Modern offices and equipment available for use provide a comfortable working environment.

All damage processes are followed by our damage team.

It offers solutions suitable for your business with alternative working models.

What Services Does A Business Partnership Offer?

With its business partnership model, Monopoli Insurance works with 25 leading insurance companies in the sector, giving you the opportunity to offer cost-favorable alternatives to all your customers. In case you benefit from our Business Partnership model, we manage this process with the following services.

We offer collection, accounting, legal and financial support and produce alternative solutions with our expert team.

In the risk consulting and insurance service industry, the claims service is critically important. At the time of damage, we ensure that all necessary support is provided to open the claims file without wasting time.

Our service approach is always innovative and open to development. With our new and alternative working models, we offer you the most suitable solutions that create maximum value.

One of the most critical service areas of the insurance sector is “operations”. Together with our team of insurance experts, we provide fast quotation and operation support in all insurance branches.
Business Partnership Models

Portfolio Purchase Model

Portfolio purchase model is the purchase of the portfolio ownership rights of your agency based on KPIs such as portfolio size, number of customers, branch distribution, loss premium and renewal rate.

Inhouse Partnership Model

The inhouse partnership model ensures that many subjects requiring expertise, such as creating offers, issuing policies, delivering them to customers and managing claims processes, which are a serious operational burden in insurance activities, are managed by a professional team under the roof of Monopoli. This helps our inhouse partner to increase portfolio size by focusing entirely on sales. In addition, it creates the opportunity to generate high income by eliminating all operating costs such as personnel, procurement, cargo, stationery, establishment/organization and workplace expenses.Portfolio Purchasing Model Portfolio purchase model is the purchase of the portfolio ownership rights of your agency based on KPIs such as portfolio size, number of customers, branch distribution, loss premium and renewal rate.

Every professional faces obstacles in the course of their work. Common sense makes it easier to find solutions to obstacles. We would like to hear from you so that we can find the appropriate solution. The more we know about you, the better chance we have of helping you. For all your questions and requests regarding the “Monopoli Affiliate” system, you can contact us via the contact form below.

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