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Monopoli Insurance Corporate
As Monopoli Insurance, we are proud to serve as a team dedicated to providing the best insurance solutions to our customers by adopting the approach of ” … Because the key to our common future is hidden in the value we add to each other”. We always keep our principles of reliability, transparency and quality at the highest level while creating customized solutions for our customers’ needs.

Since the day we were founded, we have been providing a wide range of services to individuals and businesses with our 24 years of experience and deep knowledge in the insurance sector. We work with our team of experts to understand each client’s unique risks and offer the most suitable insurance products. By adapting to changing world conditions, we always aim to offer the most up-to-date and effective insurance solutions.

Safe Steps to the Future

Our vision is to transform the insurance experience and provide our customers with the support and protection they need to step more confidently into the future. We aim to provide faster and easier service to our customers by keeping pace with the rapid developments in technology and making the best use of digital innovations. At the same time, we maintain our people-oriented approach while preserving traditional values. The fact that we are one of the companies generating the highest premium in Turkey in the field of risk management consultancy enables us to strengthen the steps our clients take into the future with many years of experience.

We prioritize transparency and honesty in every step, being aware of our responsibility towards our customers, whom we see as “companions” in the entire service process. In addition to offering insurance solutions to suit your needs, we are here to listen to your questions and concerns and find solutions. For us, customer relationships are more than just a process of doing business, they are a long-term and trusting partnership. The reliable image we have gained in the sector with the service we have been providing for years is reinforced by the pre- and post-service communication we establish with our customers.​

We produce projects that add value to the sector with our “Risk Management Consultancy” strength, which we are determined to protect and increase. Together with our partners AcnTürk Sigorta, Ak Sigorta, Allianz Sigorta, Ana Sigorta, Anadolu Sigorta, Axa Sigorta, Chubb, Corpus Sigorta, Generali Sigorta, Groupama Sigorta, Gulf Sigorta, HDI Sigorta, Mapfre Sigorta, Neova Sigorta, Nippon Sigorta, Orient Sigorta, Quick Sigorta, Ray Sigorta, Sompo Sigorta, Türkiye Sigorta, Unico Sigorta, Zurich Sigorta, Demir Sigorta, Acıbadem Sigorta, Mapfre Yaşam, Allianz Yaşam Emeklilik, NN Emeklilik, we also offer rational solutions in the elementary branch.

The Leadership We Carry into the Future

As the Monopoli Insurance family, we will continue to work to maintain our leading position in the sector and always offer the best to our customers. We are solution partners with 25 out of 60 companies in the non-life insurance sector; to achieve this goal, we closely monitor not only our own performance, but also developments in the sector and customer feedback. Your trust is our most valuable reward and a source of motivation to get better every day.

If you need more information or details about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you in the best way possible, to carry the sector values into the future and to manage risk!

24+Years of Experience”
36Solution Partner
145+Member Staff”
81.865+Satisfied Customer

Our Mission

To raise awareness that insurance investment is an indispensable and humanitarian right for the sustainability of the world, companies and humanity, to analyze the risks of our customers accurately and to produce the most advantageous, reliable and competitive solutions for them. In this regard, our mission is to be an insurance agency that produces the most appropriate insurance solutions that touch the lives of every person globally.

Our Vision

“To carry our leading position even further by producing projects and services that add value to everyone and everywhere we reach in the field of “Risk Management Consultancy”.

In line with this vision, we aim to be among the insurance companies that provide the best risk management consultancy services by developing new risk management techniques with our team of risk management experts and providing the highest quality and innovative service to our clients in the future.

Trade Registry No: 708900
Establishment: 2000
Phone: 0 212 347 70 65
Fax: 0 212 288 27 61
Mersis No: 049405093370001
Tax Number: 4940509337

Company Structure

While the recent uncertainty has forced the principles of insurance to transform, the need for an approach that attaches importance to mutual trust with policyholders, generates dynamic solutions in favor of policyholders and in accordance with the new conditions, and more importantly, anticipates risk possibilities has become more evident in line with the rising demand. According to the “New Normal Survey*” conducted with 12,334 people in 12 countries, consumers, who have embraced the conveniences of digital with the pandemic, most want to “get what they pay for” and “trust” the brands they prefer in the face of financial difficulties.

While the insurance sector passed the test of trust during the pandemic, consumers now prefer brands that produce faster solutions regarding the coverage of their policies and offer the most suitable policy for them. As Monopoli Insurance, we closely monitor the products of the 36 insurance companies we work with, evaluate all new products that may be in favor of our customers on their behalf and make our guidance in line with their needs. We constantly strive to be by their side to meet the needs of our customers with the right guarantees and the right prices. For 24 years, we have been serving in the insurance sector by emphasizing the indispensability of investing in insurance for the sustainability of the world, companies and humanity.

We have always stated that having insurance is a human right, that seeing risks in advance, managing them correctly and purchasing insurance accordingly is actually investing in the future. From now on, we want to frequently underline that managing the possible risks of the future from today is actually a dimension of the “sustainability” issue that we all talk about and care about, and we want to raise social awareness on this issue. In this context, we have also rolled up our sleeves for a series of communication projects where we can share our experiences with all industry stakeholders. As we leave behind our 24th anniversary, we will continue our people-oriented attitude as the leading “Risk Management Consultant” of the insurance industry in the coming years, as we have done before, we will continue to prioritize our customers, and we will move forward with our vision of being a brand that “adds value” to everyone and everywhere we touch within our own ecosystem.*KPMG “Consumer’s ‘New Normal 2020′” research

Board of Directors

İzzet Bonofiyel
Alexander Lorenz
Erol Esentürk
John D. Richards

Executive Committee

Erol Esentürk
İzzet Bonofiyel
Soner Irmak

Our Rize office opened.


Our total number of agency collaborations reached 20 and our collaborations with insurance companies reached 30.

Our number of employees has exceeded 100.


Bursa office was opened in 2019. With the opening of the office, 9 employees joined the company. Since then, Monopoli Insurance has been operating as Istanbul headquarters and Bursa branch.

EMF Capital Partners has formed an international partnership with EMF Capital Partners, a private equity fund for the financial sectors. EMF Capital Partners’ investors include the European Union Development Bank (EBRD), the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) and the Development Bank of Germany (DEG).


In 2014, the “Business Partnership” model was launched. Collaborated with 16 insurance agencies.

In 2011, it won the “Aviva Insurance Agencies First Prize”.


In 2008, with the Monopoly product, the company first became an “Endeavor Association Turkey Entrepreneur Candidate” and then was selected as an “Endeavor Association International Entrepreneur”.

In 2005, the Company became an agency of Aviva Sigorta (now Unico Sigorta), Europe’s largest insurance company, and started to provide services in both life and non-life insurance.


In 2001, the company became the agency of Ankara Hayat and switched to a multi-agency structure and held the first place in the company for 3 years.

Life Group Founded in 2000 in Istanbul under the name Life Group. It started to serve as an agency of Demir Hayat. In the same year, he was named the insurance company’s “First in Agencies” and ranked seventh in the “Life Insurance” market.


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